Top 10 leftover croissant recipes

May 8, 2024
Top 10 leftover croissant recipes

Reduce food waste and put day old croissants to great use in our selection of sweet and savoury ideas. Transform them into a delicious smoked salmon or ham and cheese croissant bake to enjoy for a leisurely brunch, or if you’re of a sweeter inclination round off a weekend lunch with a croissant bake oozing with raspberries and frangipane.

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you could even try your hand at making your own croissants. Otherwise, rescue some close-to-expiry croissants from the reduced aisle of your supermarket and give them a serious glow-up with our top recipes.

Become a food waste hero with our guides for how to use up leftover chicken, leftover bread, leftover milk, leftover lamb and leftover pumpkin. Craving more croissant inspiration? Discover more croissant recipes.

Top 10 leftover croissant recipes

1. Ham & cheese croissants

Is there anything more tempting than a flaky croissant oozing with melted cheese and salty ham? It’s a great recipe to use up any odds and ends of cheeses that are taking up valuable fridge space, as well as the remnants of jars of your favourite chutney. Discover more inspiration for leftover cheese.

2. Blueberry & lemon croissant bake

This quick and easy croissant bake with custard, zesty lemon curd and juicy blueberries doubles up as both an irresistible weekend brunch or dessert. Using ready-made custard and leftover stale croissants means it takes just 12 minutes to prep.

3. Croissant smoked salmon bake

If you’re in a bit of a rut with your weekend brunches, why not try this easy riff on the classic combo of salmon and eggs? Stale croissants work just as well, livened up with fresh chives, lemon and soft cheese. Find more recipes ideas with smoked salmon.

4. Raspberry frangipane croissant bake

Transform standard croissants into a frangipane-inspired creation with ground and flaked almonds. Dotted with raspberries, it makes a luxurious brunch or dessert. Lover of all things almond? Try more frangipane recipes.

5. Turkey & pesto croissants

Not just for Christmas, use up leftover roast turkey (or even chicken) to fill these savoury croissants along with some pesto and crispy bacon. Customise them with salad leaves that need using up too. Find more leftover turkey ideas.

6. Croissant bread & butter pudding with coffee cream

Make a twist on bread and butter pudding with leftover croissants, topped with a coffee cream liqueur sauce for added richness. Discover more bread and butter pudding recipes.

7. Cheesy scrambled egg croissants

Upgrade breakfast baps to croissants and make this easy campside brekkie – or just for a casual brunch from home. Discover more easy family camping recipes.

8. Croissant bread sauce

Blitz up stale croissants with ground cloves, butter and onion for a rich bread sauce to accompany your roast. Melt a knob of butter on top for extra indulgence.

9. Bacon & banana stuffed French toast croissants

French toast and croissants combine to make a breakfast of champions when you’re looking for some indulgence. The crispy smoked bacon and sliced banana will impress any sweet and salty flavour fanatics. Now try more twists on French toast for unbridled breakfast time extravagance.

10. Orange blossom & rose pudding

The delicate botanical aromas of orange blossom and rose water give this bread and butter pudding a Middle Eastern twist. Dust lightly with icing sugar and serve warm out of the oven for a sophisticated upgrade of the classic dessert.

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