10 twists on classic quiche

March 19, 2024
10 twists on classic quiche

Perfect for picnics and meals al-fresco, a quiche is a summer staple. It is great for entertaining because it can be eaten warm out of the oven, but holds up perfectly at room temperature or cold, too, so can be easily made ahead.

A quiche Lorraine, filled with bacon chunks and cheese, might be the most familiar, but it’s a highly versatile dish. With the core components of a crisp pastry base and rich, creamy filling, there is plenty of room to experiment: add different vegetables, herbs or spices and chopped meats. Following the reveal of King Charles’ coronation quiche (filled with broad beans, spinach and tarragon), quiche is sure to be a popular choice throughout the bank holidays and at street parties. If it has made you inspired to try your own, we’ve got all the recipes you need.

We’ve picked 10 of our favourite quiches to make – including vegan and gluten-free recipes so there is something for everyone to try. From rich smoked salmon quiche to caramelised onion, spicy chorizo or herby butternut squash, which one will you try?

For more recipes, see our quiche recipe collection and savoury tart recipes. For foods to take to a picnic, see our picnic food recipes and no-cook picnic recipes.

1. Quiche lorraine

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Perhaps the most famous quiche that comes to mind, a quiche lorraine is a timeless classic. The rich, creamy filling is flavoured simply with crisp lardons and gruyère cheese. It’s a great one to start with if it is your first time making quiche – follow along with our step-by-step video as you go. Once you’ve mastered the basic, our next-level quiche lorraine recipe takes everything up a notch.

2. Smoky chorizo & manchego quiche

Add some Spanish flair to a classic quiche, loaded with crispy fried chorizo chunks and plenty of nutty manchego cheese. Paprika and cayenne give the pastry for a subtle spicy kick and vibrant colour, too.

3. Salmon & watercress quiche

This generously filled quiche offers a tempting way to use smoked salmon. The salty fish and peppery watercress are a great combination, paired with a herby dill filling. It is good served warm or at room temperature, if you want to make ahead.

4. Vegan spinach & cherry tomato quiche

For an option everyone can enjoy, try this vegan quiche recipe. We’ve used olive oil for a crumbly pastry with great flavour, with tofu and oat milk for a creamy filling with no eggs or dairy required.

5. Souffléd crab & asparagus tart

For an extra light and fluffy result, this crab and asparagus quiche recipe whisks egg whites until stiff for a special souffléd result. This elegant tart would also work well as a dinner party starter – bake the pastry and prep the filling ahead of time, then bake just before guests arrive. Discover our how to cook asparagus guide.

6. Roasted tomato, basil & parmesan quiche

Classic Italian flavours transform this dish, and it’s perfect for summer dinners al fresco, especially if you’ve got a glut of cherry tomatoes or bountiful basil plant to use. Cherry tomatoes are roasted until they’re sweet and juicy, while parmesan and basil are stirred into the creamy filling.

7. Sticky onion & cheddar quiche

Caramelising onions until deeply golden and sticky takes a little patience and time, but the results are worth it. They are the hero ingredients in this simple quiche, paired with cheddar for extra richness.

8. Coronation quiche

It’s a picnic lunch fit for a King. Buckingham Palace has created this special coronation quiche recipe ahead of coronation celebrations. It’s filled with fresh spinach, tarragon and broad beans, with plenty of cheddar for extra indulgence. Serve hot or cold with salad and potatoes.

9. Easy crustless quiche

Is it a quiche without a crust? We think this gluten-free quiche recipe is worth the debate, and still has the signature creamy filling. Chopped pancetta or bacon adds the flavour of a quiche Lorraine, and we’ve also included green veg – use asparagus when it is in season or go for broccoli at other times of year. If a crust is essential, try our goat’s cheese gluten-free quiche made with gluten-free flour.

10. Butternut, sage & hazelnut quiche

Quiche doesn’t have to be just for summer and picnics – this autumnal recipe means you can enjoy quiche all year round. Chilli-roasted butternut squash, crispy sage fried in butter and creamy chunks of feta pack in plenty of flavour for an irresistible combination.

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