Best pizza oven accessories

February 10, 2024
Best pizza oven accessories

Ever tried making pizza from scratch? It’s easier than you might think, not to mention cheaper and much more satisfying than buying from a restaurant or takeaway.

You don’t need a lot of fancy or expensive equipment to achieve delicious, authentic-tasting pizza at home, either. Whether you’re baking it, cooking it in a frying pan or on the barbecue, or going pro with a pizza oven, we’ve compiled a list of the best gadgets, tools and accessories for making perfect pizza at home.

You’ll find all the essentials, from kitchen scales, mixing bowls and dough scrapers, to pizza peels and aprons – and you can find even more in our guides to the best pizza cutters and best pizza stones. Read on for our pick of the best recommendations.

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Best pizza oven accessories at a glance

  • Best pizza peel: Ooni perforated pizza peel, £60
  • Best pizza turning peel: Gozney Roccbox turning peel, £49
  • Best oil bottle: Emile Henry Belle Ile Oil Cruet, £27.30
  • Best kitchen scales for pizza dough: Witt pizza dual kitchen scales, £44.99
  • Best apron: ProCook premium apron, £59.95
  • Best mixing bowl for pizza-making: FineDine mixing bowls set, £19.99
  • Best oven gloves: Lakeland heat shield gloves, £16.99
  • Best pizza oven brush: Ooni pizza oven brush, £30
  • Best thermometer: Gozney infrared thermometer, £39
  • Best dough scraper for pizza: MasterClass dough scraper, £6.95

Best pizza oven accessories 2024

Ooni perforated pizza peel

Best pizza peel

An essential accessory for outdoor pizza-making, a metal peel will help you smoothly launch your pizzas inside the oven and safely retrieve them once cooked.

Available in two sizes (12 and 14 inches), this large Ooni peel also has perforations that help steam to escape and excess flour to fall away, helping you to achieve a super-crisp base.

It’s made from hard-anodised aluminium so isn’t too heavy, and even comes with a five-year warranty when you register online.

Available from:

Gozney Roccbox turning peel

Best pizza turning peel

For serious pizza enthusiasts, a turning peel allows you to rotate your pizza during cooking without removing it from the oven. This peel is designed to be used with the Gozney Roccbox pizza oven, but is suitable for other models, too.

There’s a bit of a knack to manoeuvring it (Gozney advises practising with a ready-made pizza or paper plate), and you can also use it to check whether the base is cooked by lifting one side of the pizza gently.

Available from:

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Emile Henry Belle Ile Oil Cruet

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Best oil bottle

Like to add garlic or chilli oil to your pizza? Not only will this stylish ceramic bottle look great in your kitchen, it’s also good for controlled, drip-free drizzling. With a 400ml capacity, it’s available in six colours and can go in the dishwasher, too.

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Witt pizza dual kitchen scales

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Best kitchen scales for pizza dough

When making pizza dough, you’ll need to accurately weigh out your ingredients, so a good set of digital scales is a must.

These dual scales from Witt come with two weighing platforms: one for measuring larger quantities of ingredients, like flour, and another for smaller amounts like yeast.

They’re also fairly versatile, with a separate setting for liquids (specifically water and milk), and imperial and metric measurements.

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ProCook premium apron

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Best apron

Handmade with flame-resistant leather, this ProCook apron is ideal for outdoor cooking as it protects your clothes and skin from hot temperatures. It comes with fully adjustable straps around the neck and waist, plus two generous front pockets for storing utensils. It’s also easy to clean, as spillages can be wiped away with a damp cloth.

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FineDine mixing bowls set

Best mixing bowl for pizza-making

You can use any kind of mixing bowl to prepare and prove pizza dough, but it’s generally thought that metal or glass are best. This is because they retain heat better than plastic, meaning your dough is sure to prove, even in a drafty kitchen.

The bowl also needs to be large enough for your dough to expand in size. This great-value stainless steel set features five good-sized, lightweight bowls that stack together neatly. They have flat bases so stay steady on the worktop during use, and can go in the dishwasher, too.

Available from:

Lakeland heat shield gloves

Best oven gloves

Oven gloves don’t often provide much dexterity, but this pair from Lakeland come with individual fingers (as normal gloves do), plus silicone pads on both sides to provide extra grip and protection. They’re heat-resistant up to 350C, and are made with soft Meta-Aramid materials, which is what’s used to protect firefighters from intense heat.

Available from:

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Ooni pizza oven brush

Best pizza oven brush

Great for lifting off fallen toppings or burnt-on cheese, this two-in-one scraper and brush tool from Ooni makes light work of cleaning a pizza stone. It’s built with durable bristles on one side, and stainless steel scraper at the end, plus a comfortable wooden handle that’s easy to grip.

Some manufacturers advise different methods of cleaning, so it’s also worth checking the manual of your pizza stone before investing in any kit.

Available from:

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Gozney infrared thermometer

Best thermometer

Pizza usually cooks best at 400-500C, but if your oven doesn’t come with a thermometer or you’re using different kit (like a barbecue), you can never be sure when your pizza stone has hit the perfect temperature.

Wireless and precise, this infrared thermometer from Gozney takes the guesswork out of cooking homemade pizza. It has an integrated laser to help with precise measurements, and can read temperatures spanning -50C to 550C.

You can switch easily between celsius and Fahrenheit, and there are single or continuous temperature-read options, too.

Available from:

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MasterClass dough scraper

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Best dough scraper for pizza

A dough scraper (also known as a bench scraper) is useful when making pizza dough. Go for a sharp, sturdy metal one – like this tool from MasterClass – as it can be used to cut through the dough to divide it into portions, as well as to scrape stuck dough off your work surface. It also comes has measurements width- and length-wise to help you cut it equally.

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