The best vegan cookbooks

February 6, 2024
The best vegan cookbooks

Looking for vegan recipe inspiration? Spice up your dinners and try some new recipes with our favourite vegan cookbooks.

Eating a plant-based diet shouldn’t mean sacrificing flavour. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best vegan cookbooks with unique recipe ideas. We have something for everyone, with pasta, curries, burgers and more on the menu. Some of our top picks include budget-friendly options and easy one-pot dinners. For shopping help, check out our taste tests of the best vegan cheese or our mega round-up of all our favourite plant-based food products.

Discover new tips and tricks for clever vegan substitutions and cooking techniques. Our selection covers a wide range of flavours, from Asian- to African-inspired dishes, and plenty of sweet treats.

For more inspiration, check out our cookbooks hub with all our reviews, including the best air-fryer cookbooks, best cookbooks for students, best cookbooks for kids or the best keto cookbooks. Looking for a special personalised gift? Build a customised My BBC Good Food cookbook filled with your pick of our triple-tested recipes – ideal for a foodie friend or to use in your own kitchen!

Best vegan cookbooks at a glance

  • Best Asian vegan book: Jackfruit & Blue Ginger by Sasha Gill, £20
  • Best budget vegan book: Vegan One Pound Meals by Miguel Barclay, £9.55
  • Best easy vegan book: Quick & Easy by Deliciously Ella, £23
  • Best African vegan book: Afro-vegan by Bryant Terry, £19.19
  • Best step-by-step vegan book: Vegan Cooking for Everyone by The Happy Pear, £22
  • Best eco-friendly vegan book: More Plants Less Waste by Max La Manna, £22
  • Best Japanese vegan book: Vegan JapanEasy by Tim Anderson, £22
  • Best five-ingredient vegan book: Five Ingredient Vegan by Katy Beskow, £12.70
  • Best global vegan book: Plants-Only Kitchen by Gaz Oakley, £20
  • Best one-pan vegan book: Vegan Roasting Pan by Katy Beskow, £9.97
  • Best for global inspiration: Eat More Vegan by Annie Rigg, £16.99
  • Best for Indian cooking: Meat-free Mowgli by Nisha Katona, £13.96

Best vegan cookbooks to buy 2024

Jackfruit & Blue Ginger by Sasha Gill

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Best Asian vegan book

Oxford medical student Sasha Gill is originally from Singapore, so when she moved to the UK and began following a vegan diet, she turned to her favourite Asian dishes and transformed them into plant-based meals. Her innovative creations range from tofu pad Thai and Peking jackfruit pancakes, to butter chicken made from seitan and plant milk. This is an incredibly comprehensive Asian vegan cookbook.

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Vegan One Pound Meals by Miguel Barclay

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Best budget vegan book

The latest in the One Pound Meals book series is all about easy plant-based meals that cost £1 or less per head, using supermarket ingredients. From sticky peanut butter tofu to creamy cauliflower tagliatelle, this book is full of clever ideas for everyday cooking on a budget.

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Quick & Easy by Deliciously Ella

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Best midweek vegan book

Bestselling author Ella Mills, founder of Deliciously Ella, has created over 100 fuss-free, simple recipes in this book. Browse a wide variety of dishes, including breakfasts, lunches, 20-minute meals and desserts. The super-speedy mains feature pasta, noodles, hearty veg-laden bowls and Asian-inspired plates.

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Afro-vegan by Bryant Terry

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Best African vegan book

Chef and food justice activist Bryant Terry has complied over 100 dishes inspired by Terry’s personal memories, as well as the history of food that has travelled from the African continent. Try his cinnamon-soaked wheat berry salad, creamy coconut cashew soup or crispy teff & grit cakes with aubergine, tomatoes & peanuts. It even includes suggested music from around the world, as well as book recommendations.

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Vegan Cooking for Everyone by The Happy Pear

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Best step-by-step vegan book

Bestselling chefs Dave and Steve Flynn have crafted a wide range of easy, plant-based dishes. Learn new techniques with their step-by-step guides, fun variations and top tips. Choose from over 200 recipes, including coconut granola, homemade vegan pizza, creamy broccoli pie and carrot cake with vegan soft cheese frosting.

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More Plants Less Waste by Max La Manna

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Best eco-friendly vegan book

Zero-waste chef and climate activist Max La Manna brings his passion for waste-free cooking to this eco-friendly cookbook. His first cookbook includes tasty weeknight dinners like spaghetti bolognese, crunchy cauliflower curry and leftover veggie nachos. The book goes beyond recipes, with all-natural home hacks such as DIY deodorant and citrus bomb house cleanser, too. Push yourself with his 21-day zero-waste challenge.

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Vegan JapanEasy by Tim Anderson

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Best Japanese vegan book

Try a new flavour profile with Tim Anderson’s inventive Japanese-inspired dishes. Try classic recipes such as vegetable tempura, onigiri, mushroom gyoza and agedashi tofu. Discover his clever vegan conversions, including cauliflower katsu curry, french onion ramen and mapo tofu with ancient grains. Mix up a refreshing watermelon mojito and bake a batch of soy sauce butterscotch brownies.

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Five Ingredient Vegan by Katy Beskow

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Best five-ingredient vegan book

This contains over 100 recipes using minimal ingredients. Make a tasty lunch of Santorini tomato fritters, Welsh rarebit stuffed potatoes or spinach pancakes. Whip up an easy midweek dinner, such as roasted cherry tomato risotto, pumpkin & sage macaroni or pear & butterbean traybake. For those with a sweet tooth, try the carrot cake porridge, zesty bread & butter pudding and blood orange granita.

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Plants-Only Kitchen by Gaz Oakley

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Best global vegan book

Gaz Oakley has amassed a huge following on social media with his exciting vegan dishes. This fan-favourite cookbook is full of meal prep ideas, gluten-free recipes and high-protein dishes. Find unique recipes like Caribbean waffles, Jamaican vegetable curry, sweet potato piri piri burgers and protein blueberry pancakes.

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Vegan Roasting Pan by Katy Beskow

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Best one-pan vegan book

If you’re already vegan or reducing your meat intake, Katy Beskow’s book of easy, vibrant plant-based meals is a must. It couldn’t be simpler: just mix or arrange the ingredients in a pan and let the oven do the hard work for you. Divided into light, supper, extras and sweet, there are over 70 one-pan dishes to try, with light and hearty options, such as chickpea & olive orzo, spicy tofu nuggets and a creamy massaman curry. For dessert, try the cherry & almond crumble with a generous scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream. The oven-ready biryani is our must-try recipe.

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Eat More Vegan by Annie Rigg

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Best for global inspiration

This is a colourful celebration of plant-based cooking everyone will love, packed with flavours from all corners of the globe. Dishes include soft roasted aubergines with soy dressing and beetroot & spinach falafel. There’s an array of vegan options for almost every cuisine you can think of. Perfect for meat-free Monday-ers and veteran vegans – we’re looking forward to making the curried cauliflower laksa.

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Meat-free Mowgli by Nisha Katona

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Best for Indian cooking

One way to help reduce food bills is to embrace more meat-free meals. Presenter and restaurateur Nisha Katona’s new title in the Mowgli series features mostly vegan recipes, offering plenty of inspiration for utilising affordable storecupboard ingredients, like her butter bean korma and ‘lazy’ potato curry. You’ll find some truly mouth-watering mains – including her courgette kofta curry – to pair with the IPA onion rings, zingy salads and a carrot pickle for a real feast on a relaxed Friday night in.

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More vegan recipe inspiration

For more vegan and vegetarian meal inspiration, discover our recipe collections online, plus check out our BBC Good Food: Vegan Meals Cookbook to find 101 easy and delicious vegan recipes that prove plant-based cooking doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. All recipes in the book are triple-tested by the BBC Good Food team so you know they’ll work every time.

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