Savoury afternoon tea ideas

February 4, 2024
Savoury afternoon tea ideas

Afternoon tea is a quintessentially British tradition and not one to miss out on if you haven’t got a sweet tooth.

Of course, when someone invites you to an afternoon tea you might picture miniature cakes and tarts, an assortment of jams and tea galore, and don’t worry, we have you covered if that’s what you love. Head over to our helpful guide on how to throw an afternoon tea party and check out our afternoon tea recipes for those sweet delights.

For those with less of a sweet tooth, we’ve got plenty of savoury options here, including vegetarian and vegan savoury afternoon tea ideas for those on a plant-based diet. Check out our vegan afternoon tea recipes for more plant-based afternoon tea ideas.

Show kids the fun of hosting with our family-friendly recipes in our guide to afternoon tea for kids. If you’re aiming for a hassle-free hosting experience, explore our collection of quick and easy recipes in our easiest ever afternoon tea guide. We also recognise the budget constraints that often accompany event planning. Our budget-friendly afternoon tea ideas provide a wealth of inspiration that’s both economical and stunning.

Savoury afternoon tea recipes

Afternoon tea sandwiches

Put together an assortment of sensational sandwiches for your afternoon tea spread. Begin with the timeless club sandwich, a multi-layered delight featuring succulent meats like turkey, chicken and bacon. If a plant-based alternative is more to your liking, enjoy our vegetarian club, with hummus, thickly sliced tomato, carrot and watercress. For another vegetarian option, nothing beats the dynamic duo of egg & cress.

If you’re seeking something lighter, our cucumber & herb triple-deckers flavoured with mint and chive soft cheese provide an elegantly dainty choice.

If you prefer heartier options, our schnitzel sandwich has a parmesan and breadcrumb crust and tantalising chilli mayonnaise. Alternatively, try our reuben sandwich, where the tangy sauerkraut complements the savoury meat.

Discover more afternoon tea sandwich ideas.

Savoury scones

Even if you choose not to lavish your scones with cream and jam, dismissing them entirely would be a teatime travesty. Scones are an indispensable part of the afternoon tea experience. Consider indulging in our classic cheese scones, perfect for pairing with cold cuts of meat, or try the ultimate British combination with our coronation chicken scones.

For a vegetarian twist, swap out traditional bread and opt for our ploughman scones. Elevate your usual scones with a burst of umami by trying our cheese & Marmite scones. Alternatively, infuse sophistication into your tea ritual with our cheddar & sage scones.

Not a cheddar enthusiast? Mix sweet and salty with walnut scones topped with fig jam and goat’s cheese, or go spicy with our chorizo & manchego scones, enriched with a peppering of paprika.

For a plant-based alternative; our ‘cheesy’ vegan scones, made with nutritional yeast, ensure that everyone can get involved in the afternoon tea tradition.

Discover more sweet and savoury scone recipes.

Savoury afternoon tea finger food ideas

Replace your typical patisserie afternoon tea options with savoury bites that will leave no one hungry. Our mini quiches are great for feeding a hungry crowd as they make 18-20 servings. Alternatively, for a gluten-free and vegetarian twist, opt for our effortless egg muffins, generously filled with a medley of broccoli, pepper, spring onion and cheddar.

Turn the classic sausage roll into a sophisticated finger food with our caramelised onion & thyme sausage rolls. Using store-bought pastry makes these a breeze to prepare ahead of a gathering. Go for our vegetarian sausage rolls for a meat-free alternative, brimming with a blend of mushrooms, chestnuts, leeks and cheese.

Tartlets make a gorgeous dinner party canapé and they’ll make a great addition to your afternoon tea stand. Our smoked trout tartlets and caramelised mushroom tartlets are great for entertaining.

While pork pies and scotch eggs may evoke images of pub lunches or outdoor eating, our next level scotch eggs and mini pork pies amp up the picnic favourites, making them great for any occasion, and sure to impress friends and family.

To add a flash of freshness to your spread, why not try our celery sticks with blue cheese dip or spicy aubergine dip with carrot dippers?

Discover more party food and finger food recipes, perfect for entertaining.

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