20 ways with tinned fish

February 4, 2024

What are the different types of tinned fish?

Tinned tuna – arguably the most popular canned fish, this is readily available and can be used in everything from pasta bakes to loaded potato wedges.

Tinned sardines – an excellent source of protein and iron, sardines contain nearly 100 per cent of recommended daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids. Try them in simple recipes like Spanish sardines on toast or as a spicy dip.

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Anchovies – these add a salty, umami flavour to sauces and dressing. Try them on our caramelised red onion & anchovy pasta with gremolata.

Mackerel – you can swap out the fresh version for tinned mackerel in a number of our recipes like our smoked mackerel risotto or peppered mackerel fishcakes.

Salmon – canned salmon is much more affordable than fresh, making it a budget-friendly option for those wanting to have it in their diet. Try it in our salmon burgers for a protein-rich dinner.

Best tinned fish to buy

When buying canned fish look out for brands that have the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) label, as it means that it’s being fished in a way that doesn’t deplete our oceans. Here are some examples:

Sea Sisters smoked sardine fillets

Waitrose anchovy fillets in olive oil

Rio Mare no drain tuna

Princes mackerel fillets in sunflower oil

20 best tinned fish recipes

Tinned tuna recipes

Tuna pasta bake

tuna pasta bake

For some simple midweek comfort food, try our easy tuna pasta bake, using basic storecupboard ingredients. It’s a great option for family dinners and quick to throw together.

Tuna, asparagus & white bean salad

tuna, asparagus and white bean salad in a bowl

For a nourishing salad ready in minutes, try this tuna, asparagus & white bean salad. Perfect for a make-ahead work lunch.

Lentil & tuna salad


You’ll need two cans of tuna and two packs of ready-cooked lentils for this simple lentil & tuna salad. It’s a great side dish for entertaining or for when you simply don’t want to cook as you won’t be in the kitchen for long.

Tuna melt potato wedges

bowl of tuna melt wedges

Cooking baked potatoes in the oven can take a while and therefore hike up your energy costs. These loaded tuna melt potato wedges are a more energy-efficient alternative to a traditional tuna jacket potato, and a great way to use up your canned tuna.

Tuna & sweetcorn fishcakes

tuna and sweetcorn fishcake with a piece cut out on a plate with green salad

Use tinned tuna and sweetcorn to rustle up these healthy and budget-friendly tuna & sweetcorn fishcakes. This is also a great recipe for batch cooking as you can freeze these for future dinners.

Tinned anchovy recipes

Spaghetti with fennel, anchovies, currants, pine nuts & capers

Spaghetti with fennel, anchovies, currants, pine nuts & capers

Our spaghetti with fennel, anchovies, currants, pine nuts & capers is a salty, sweet and simple dish that can be on the table in under 30 minutes.

Roast romanesco with anchovies, capers & currants


Add a salty tang to romenesco in our recipe for roast romanesco with tinned anchovies, capers & currants. The currants help to balance out the saltiness. It’s a great side dish and works well tossed through pasta, too.

Amalfi lemon, chilli & anchovy spaghetti

two plates of amalfi lemon pasta

If you’re dreaming of the Italian coast, get a taste for it with our Amalfi lemon, chilli & anchovy spaghetti. The chilli adds a gentle kick of heat – don’t forget to sprinkle over some fresh parmesan at the end.

Caramelised red onion & anchovy pasta with gremolata

caramelised red onion and anchovy tagliatelle in a serving plate

Who says tinned fish can’t be luxurious? Our caramelised red onion & anchovy pasta makes for a delicious dinner for two on date night, while still being a budget-friendly option.

Tomato & anchovy risotto with crispy crumbs

tomato achovy risotto

Use up budget storecupboard ingredients for this tomato & anchovy risotto with crispy crumbs. This simple Italian rice pot makes for an easy midweek meal for two.

Tinned sardines recipes

Sardine tomato pasta with gremolata


You just need a handful of ingredients to make this crowd pleasing sardine tomato pasta with gremolata. It’s cheap and cheerful and you only need 20 minutes to make it.

Spanish sardines on toast

Spanish sardines on toast

Get a taste of the Med with this simple sardines on toast recipe. Sardines are a storecupboard staple and are packed with omega-3. This dish is perfect for a quick lunch or as a starter for an occasion dinner.

Budget kedgeree

Kedgeree made with sardines

For a wallet-friendly family dinner, try our budget kedgeree made with sardines for an inexpensive, yet nourishing meal that doesn’t sacrifice flavour.

Spicy sardine dip

bowl of sardine dip

For a different kind of snack at your next party or family night in, try this spicy sardine dip flavoured with a touch of smoked paprika and cayenne pepper.

Tinned mackerel recipes

Peppered mackerel fishcakes

two peppered mackerel fishcakes with a bite taken out on a plate

These peppered mackerel fishcakes are a great way to use up leftover mashed potatoes and tinned mackerel if you’ve got some lying about in your storecupboard.

Smoked mackerel risotto

plate of smoked mackerel risotto

After a busy day, it’s nice to be able to whip up something quickly with simple ingredients you always have in the house. For our smoked mackerel risotto you can easily swap in tinned mackerel to make it even cheaper per serving.

Indonesian fried rice with mackerel

Indonesian fried rice

This one pan Indonesian fried rice with mackerel is a filling and satisfying meal for everyone. Keep costs down by using tinned mackerel and serve with an extra drizzle of soy sauce or sriracha for a bit of heat.

Smoked mackerel & leek hash with horseradish

Fish hash

Make this smoked mackerel & leek hash in just 30 minutes. It uses just a few ingredients and can be served in the pan, so makes a great choice on busy weeknights.

Tinned salmon recipes

Super-healthy salmon burgers

salmon fish cake_002_preview

For something a bit lighter than a potato packed fishcake and to use up some tinned salmon, try these salmon burgers made with ginger, soy sauce and coriander.

Samphire & lemony salmon linguine

plate of samphire and lemon salmon linguine

For a cheaper alternative, you could swap fresh salmon for tinned instead to make this samphire & lemony salmon linguine. It makes for a great lunch or quick dinner.

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